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AMF Refrigerated


Hillphoenix is well-known as a manufacturer of the highest quality products. Hillphoenix satisfies the needs of numerous clients with the best display case, specialty products, refrigeration and power systems, and walk-ins. Hillphoenix can be depended on to learn your business then going “above and beyond” to meet your requirements. Most importantly, after sale Hillphoenx support is unparalleled!

Hillphoenix is a major manufacturer of:

  • Display Cases
  • Specialty Cases
  • Refrigeration Systems
  • Power Systems
  • Walk-Ins


Anthony Door Retrofits

Through unsurpassed commitment to Quality, Innovation, Customer Service, Continuous Improvement, and Flexibility, Anthony is the Supplier of Choice for merchandising components in the Refrigeration Industry.

Closing refrigerated and freezer cases reduces costs, increases store profits, and improves customer satisfaction and retention. Anthony is the only company that offers a turnkey one-stop process.

Reduce Costs

  • Up to 65% energy savings when cases are closed (average supermarket savings up to $20,000/year)
  • 80% reduction in refrigeration/compressor load
  • Closed display cases reduce defrost cycles
  • LED lighting is 75% more efficient and lasts much longer than fluorescent
  • Re-skinning existing cases saves 75% over new cases

Increase Profits

  • Reduce food spoilage and improve food safety with consistent closed-case temperature
  • Customers spend more in a warmer, comfortable closed-case environment
  • Optimax Pro 24 LED’s eye-catching product illumination attracts attention

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